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Greetings from the Ridge


PRP Launches new YT Channel. Check it Out!

Posted on June 25, 2013 at 4:06 PM Comments comments (50)
Greetings from Pecan Ridge, Y'all!
It's been very busy, which is one reason I haven't put up a recent blog post. We've got the FDA graduation package finished and ready for pickup at Greenville Motor Company. We've shot a wedding (Burkett-Harrell) and Benny has started editing that footage. And I am proud to announce the previously promised YouTube Channel for our video production company--PRPVideoServices--is now up and our first video is posted.
This music video is a different version to the one included with the Kindergarten graduation package--slightly longer, and with some different scenes. So you will see some things in this version you won't in the original, and vice-versa. What you WILL see in both is an abundance of cute kids full of excitement. 
 Please watch, and then "like," comment and subscribe at YT itself. Much appreciated! (You may need to adjust the setting to watch at higher resolution.)